(Rotterdam 1948)

At the moment painter, used to be member NABK (Nationale associatie visual artists), private-teacher Dutch language,
journalist/ fotographer

Wijkproject : Park16Hoven, nieuwe district, new youth

Portret commissions

From october 2015, used to be freelance journalist for Hart van Holland, edition Hillegersberg / Schiebroek

Since 2008 fulltime artist, specialized in portraits and model paintings,
Exhibitions and assignments for art works.
Sketching, drawing, painting till today, member of A’72, an artists' club.
1993, at academy Willem de Koning in Rotterdam: for the first time a nude model.

Dutch language teacher (high school).
Teacher secondary school.
1 year Teacher primary school.
Study of handicraft arts for high schools.
Designer of decorations at V&D, a department store in Rotterdam.
High school,
careers master, counselor…..all of the above in Rotterdam, Holland.